Xentx Extreme Treatments

Diesel Fuel and Motor Oil Additives to Reduce Fuel Consumption for Trucks

Chemical Exports of Louisiana Improving diesel fuel economy for trucking fleets, agricultural equipment and independent owner-operator trucks is accomplished with XenTx® vehicle additives. Chemical Exports is the distributor for the US Gulf Coast for XenTx products to the commercial and industrial markets.

Fuel Economy, Lubricity, Lower Emissions

The XenTx family of products are unlike all other additives. The motor oil additive incorporates a 100% synthetic friction reducing chemical that reduces the parasitic friction inherent in all engines and rotating machinery. Treatments are available for your vehicle's engine, transmission and fuel system.

Chemical Exports of Louisiana
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • Reduce Friction & Wear

  • Reduce Emissions

  • Extend Component Life

  • Extend Oil & Filter Life