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  • ATTAR-C is a water-based product designed to address the needs of the metalworking and the aviation industries for a heavy-duty, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaner/degreaser. This product is designed to complement the light to medium duty cleaner, DOT 111/113, and is designed to be a safe alternative to ozone-depleting chemicals and flammable, hazardous solvents used to remove heavy baked-on oils, synthetic lubricants and carbon deposits. The product is non-corrosive to a wide variety of metals, metal alloys, painted surfaces, plastics and other similar materials. The base formulation is highly versatile and can be modified to meet specific cleaning requirements.

  • Chemical Exports of Louisiana Information Sheet

DOT 111/113

  • DOT 111/113 is a water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, cleaning solution for use on metal and other hard surfaces. The product can replace chlorinated solvents scheduled for elimination under the U.S. Clean Air Act and other environmentally objectionable cleaning solvents in specific cleaning applications. It is used to remove hydrocarbon and other organic residue as well as inorganic material from surfaces and is non-corrosive to a wide array of metals, plastics, rubber and other materials. It conforms to NASA test protocol for use in cleaning liquid oxygen systems and is accepted by the U.S. Navy as a pre-cleaner for oxygen systems. It is also used to clean outer surfaces of aircraft and bare metal prior to painting among many other general uses. Airlines headquartered in the United States use DOT 111/113 to wash the exteriors of aircraft.

  • Chemical Exports of Louisiana Information Sheet

Omni-Clean SD

  • Omni-Clean SD is a super-heavy duty general purpose product used in a variety of cleaning applications, including high pressure or low-pressure spraying, steam-cleaning and manual cleaning and degreasing. The product effectively removes oil stains from concrete, and grease and oil build-up from clothing, equipment, engines and all types of machinery. Omni-Clean SD creates no adverse health effects for users. Its uses also include cleaning pots and pans, floors, laundry as well as general purpose cleaning. Omni-Clean SD can reduce chemical use hazards (including associated liability) and increase safety and efficiency while reducing costs. This product has been USDA accepted for certain uses and is presently being sold to hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, laundry services, oilfield and janitorial service companies.

  • Chemical Exports of Louisiana Information Sheet

HazClean SR

  • HazClean SR can be used in conjunction with a mechanical soil washing process or in land farming techniques. Currently, efforts to remediate hydrocarbon contamination from soil include, among others, removal of polluted materials to a “less sensitive” location and/or incineration. These methods do not always eliminate pollution permanently, may not be cost effective and may result in undesirable side effects and potential future liability.

  • Chemical Exports of Louisiana Information Sheet


  • CreoSolv is a product designed to remove polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (like creosote) and other similar hydrocarbons from most surfaces, especially soil, and is used in conjunction with a mechanical soil washing process. The CreoSolv solution is mixed with the contaminated soil which solubilizes the contaminant into the liquid solution. The liquid is separated from the soil and the contaminant is recovered from the liquid solution by chemical and physical means for disposal or in some cases recycling. The cleaned soil can be returned to the site.

  • Chemical Exports of Louisiana Information Sheet