HazClean WA/TP

Chemical Exports of Louisiana ~ Chemical Exports of Louisiana Technical Data Sheet

HazClean Wetting Agent/Tank Protector (WA/TP) is a dual purpose agent for use as a tank additive which reduces the surface tension of water, aiding in efficient Class A fire extinguishment and the prevention of internal corrosion. This surface tension reduction allows treated water to penetrate deeply into conventional Class A fuels. HazClean WA/TP also contains specialized corrosion inhibitors that can add years to the service life of apparatus tanks, valves and piping by prohibiting corrosion. HazClean WA/TP is a biodegradable and non-reportable blend of surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. The non-reportable status of HazClean WA/TP alleviates potential liability and eliminates adverse effects on the environment or firefighters that may occur with the use of similar products. Many fire departments are faced with conducting operations with limited personnel and water resources.

The proper use of HazClean WA/TP increases the extinguishment effectiveness of water by three to five times. The reduction of the extinguishment water's surface tension permits it to penetrate deeply into tightly packed Class A fuels such as hay, cotton, baggas, rags, paper products, rubbish and in wildland applications. This phenomena provides an increased efficiency of water, especially in rural operations. HazClean WA/TP will also reduce friction loss in hose lays. This allows water to be pumped over longer distances at lower pressures that produce less strain on equipment and safer operations for the firefighters. Corrosion of tanks, pumps, valves and internal piping of apparatus is a major maintenance and economic concern for many fire departments. The regular use of HazClean WA/TP prohibits corrosion in these areas. This economically extends the service life of the apparatus by reducing the need to replace heavily corroded components. HazClean WA/TP keeps the apparatus where it should be, in-service and ready to respond.