HazClean TF

Chemical Exports of Louisiana ~ Chemical Exports of Louisiana Technical Data Sheet

HazClean-Training Foam (TF) is designed for use as an effective, economical and environmentally safe alternate to the use of conventional firefighting foams in combustible liquid live fire firefighter training sessions. HazClean-TF concentrate is a biodegradable and non-reportable blend of surfactants and stabilizers which are formulated to create a realistic high energy foam blanket that affords quick fire knockdown, extinguishment and with short secure times. The non-reportable status of HazClean-TF alleviates potential liability and eliminates adverse effects on the environment or firefighters that may occur with the training use of conventional foam concentrates.

Unlike "weak soap solutions" and emulsifiers, HazClean-TF provides the same fire extinguishment and visual characteristics as Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and Alcohol Resistant (AR) agents. This allows firefighters to train under the same conditions as they would expect while securing an actual incident. This added realism is an imperative factor for effective and efficient live fire training sessions. The short secure time of HazClean-TF allows for fast re-ignition of the training fuel to permit repeated drills. When emulsifiers are used in training scenarios, they compromise the fuel, requiring additional fuel usage for subsequent evolutions. HazClean-TF does not contain strong emulsifying constituents and does not react with the fuel. Fuel expenses are reduced and realism is added for subsequent burn drill.