HazClean SR

Chemical Exports of Louisiana HAZCLEAN SR MSDS
Chemical Exports of Louisiana CREOSOLV MSDS

HazClean SR can be used in conjunction with a mechanical soil washing process or in land farming techniques. Currently, efforts to remediate hydrocarbon contamination from soil include, among others, removal of polluted materials to a “less sensitive” location and/or incineration. These methods do not always eliminate pollution permanently, may not be cost effective and may result in undesirable side effects and potential future liability.

HazClean SR can be applied directly to the ground or tilled soil. The product encapsulates the hydrocarbons thus preventing their spread. The product contains nutrients that enhance natural biodegradation. The Company’s process is designed for remediation of hydrocarbon contamination from soil, limestone, gravel or other materials used in parking lots, access roads and storage yards.

CreoSolv is a product designed to remove polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (like creosote) and other similar hydrocarbons from most surfaces, especially soil, and is used in conjunction with a mechanical soil washing process. The CreoSolv solution is mixed with the contaminated soil which solubilizes the contaminant into the liquid solution. The liquid is separated from the soil and the contaminant is recovered from the liquid solution by chemical and physical means for disposal or in some cases recycling. The cleaned soil can be returned to the site.