HazClean HI-X

Chemical Exports of Louisiana ~ Chemical Exports of Louisiana Technical Data Sheet

HazClean High Expansion (HI-X) foam concentrate is a biodegradable and non-reportable blend of surfactants, stabilizers and solvents which are formulated to create a stable high energy foam blanket. HazClean HI-X is designed for use with low, medium and high expansion appliances for several Class A and Class B applications. HazClean HI-X is characterized with high expansion rates and long secure times. These positive physical characteristics provide the fire protection industry with stable foam concentrate that retains the water in the foam bubble wall, affording a longer secure time. HazClean HI-X can flow in, around and over hidden obstructions. The physical properties of the foam permit the foam column to be built-up to considerable heights without causing internal bubble collapse.

HazClean HI-X is suitable for controlling incidents where access poses a serious safety threat to firefighters. This includes hidden fires in basements, vaults, mine shafts, Class B spills and fires and several marine applications. HazClean HI-X can be applied to displace heavier-than-air flammable cryogenic fuels such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) from enclosed areas. The longer drain time and greater foam expansion permits the foam blanket to remain intact and in contact with the fuel source for longer periods of time. This characteristic affords enhanced firefighter safety and post-incident security.