Fire Foam Testing Program

Fire Foam Services offers a full range of foam testing services. The testing protocol exceeds the minimum standards as outlined in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 11, Appendix C.

The sample collection and test procedures are as follows:

  1. All foam testing is conducted at our lab located at 130 Banks Avenue, Lafayette, Louisiana.
    Phone Number: 337-233-7155
    Fax Number: 337-233-7154

  2. All samples should be sent to the Fire Foam Services' lab in Lafayette, Louisiana, accompanied by the Foam Quality Test Request Form, "Schedule A". As much information as possible about the foam sample should be provided. Attached is a blank Foam Quality Test Request Form.

  3. All samples should be collected in accordance with NFPA standards. Attached are the standards for collecting foam samples as outlined in NFPA 11, Appendix C-1.1-1.5.

  4. All sample containers should be properly identified using a permanent marker, paint pen or label.
    The following information should be noted on each sample container if applicable:

    • Customer Name

    • Sample Type - foam percent concentrate or premix

    • Location

    • Rig Number

    • Station

  5. A purchase order number should accompany all foam samples. Foam samples will not be processed without a purchase order number.

  6. Lab test results will be FAXed or e-mailed to the attention of the individual requesting the foam quality test and the original will be either mailed or delivered to the same.

Chemical Exports of Louisiana Download the Foam Quality Test Request Form

Quality Control Specifications for Fire Foams

1% 3% 3% LT 6% 3% x 6% Class A 3% x 3%
Color Amber Light Yellow Yellow Straw Light Gold Light Yellow Light Gold
Specific Gravity 1.058
(1.048 – 1.068)
(1.010 – 1.030)
(1.033 – 1.053)
(1.000 – 1.017)
(1.000 – 1.018)
(1.005 – 1.025)
pH 8.10
(7.85 – 8.35)
(7.58 – 8.08)
(7.59 – 8.09)
(7.30 – 7.80)
(6.65 – 7.15)
(7.42 – 7.92)
Viscosity (cps) 10a
< 3500b
Surface Tension(dyn/cm) < 17.5 < 17.5 < 17.5 < 17.5 < 17.5 @ 3% < 32.0
Expansion Ratio > 4.0 > 4.0 > 4.0 > 4.0 > 4.0 @ 3% > 4.0
Quarter Life Drain Time
> 2.0 > 2.0 > 2.0 > 2.0 > 2.0 @ 3% > 2.0
Draves Wetting (seconds) < 12 @0.3%

a: Brookfield Viscometer, Spindle #LV1, 30rpm
b: Brookfield Viscometer, Spindle #LV4, 60rpm
c: Brookfield Viscometer, Spindle #LV2, 60rpm

Foam Sampling Procudures

The object of foam sampling is to obtain a sample of foam typical of that to be applied to burning surfaces under anticipated fire conditions. Because foam properties are readily susceptible to modification through the use of improper techniques, it is extremely important that the prescribed procedures be followed.

The preferred sample size is a minimum of 32 ounces. To avoid contamination, we recommend that only a new polyethylene container is used to collect the sample.

As referenced in NFPA 11, Appendix C-1.2-C-1.5, below are procedures to follow when collecting foam samples from various storage methods:

  • Samples collected through handline nozzles or turrets – The nozzle or turret should be placed in operation while it is directed off to one side of the sample container. After the pressure and operation have become stabilized, the stream is swung over to center of the sample container until filled.

  • Samples collected from overhead devices that are fixed – The foam system is activated and permitted to achieve equilibrium, after which the technician, wearing appropriate clothing, enters the area without delay. The sample container is situated within the discharge area until adequately filled.

  • Samples collected from foam under pressure from a foam pump or high-pressure aspirator toward an inaccessible tank outlet – When drawing the sample, the valve on the apparatus should be opened as wide as possible without causing excessive splashing and air entrainment in the container. Affix the sample container under the stream of foam until filled. Care should be exercised to eliminate air pockets in the sample.

  • Samples collected from foam chambers - Where access can be gained to a flowing foam stream, the sample container should be inserted into the edge of the stream to split off a portion for the sample. The other alternative is to scoop foam from a layer or blanket already on the surface. Here an attempt should be made to obtain a full cross section of foam from the entire depth but without getting any fuel from below the foam layer.

  • Samples forwarded to Fire Foam Services via an express carrier should be packaged and addressed in the following manner:

    1. The lid on the sample container should be tightly sealed. Taping the lid is preferable.

    2. Place the sample container inside a plastic bag and then into a box for shipping.

    3. Address the package as follows:
      Foam Sample
      Fire Foam Services
      130 Banks Avenue
      Lafayette, LA 70596

Foam Samples are generally processed within three days or less from the date the sample is received.

Questions or comments should be directed to Fire Foam Services at 337-233-7155.

Chemical Exports of Louisiana Download the Foam Quality Test Request Form