Cleaning & Industrial Chemicals

We offer a product line with an established customer base that consists of specialty cleaning compounds serving the industrial, aviation and remediation markets. One of the company’s industrial cleaning products, ATTAR-C , has proven its reliability and performance in the competitive semi-conductor industry with a widening acceptance being demonstrated by increased usage from the customer base. The aircraft cleaning compounds, ATTAR-C and DOT 111/113, have proven their cost effectiveness by reducing the number of man hours spent on commercial airliner appearance maintenance.

The company also offers a heavy duty product, Omni-Clean SD, that effectively removes oil stains from concrete, and grease and oil build-up from equipment, engines and all types of machinery. Additionally, Janes Products has the chemical technology, HazClean SR, that achieves satisfactory clean-up levels for hydrocarbon contaminated soil that ordinarily would be placed in landfills or cleaned by incineration, both costly and associated with liabilities.

For more information, technical specifications, material safety data sheets and credentials on the products offered by Janes Industrial Products, please feel free to contact us.

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